Who we are

We focus on the production mainly VR games (HTC VIVE, Oculus, PS4 VR, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream Google VR). Games with so called “mission” – games that are not only the entertainment but also bring “something” to develop awareness and knowledge of the player. Having the advertising base allows us to create the complete product - from concept through production, ending with promotion and sales support.

From the very beginning, VR FACTORY builds a business model based on hybrid “small factory games”, that creates with own forces through the whole process of production - from conceptual work, through implementation to delivery of the finished product with “designer’s company” model, which is the creator of the concept of the VR game. Based on that concept and supervision of the full time employed specialists VR FACTORY commissions the executive part to chosen entities and supervises the execution and quality of workmanship and manages the production and/or publishing of the project. This model of development of VR FACTORY based on specialist’s knowledge forming own resources by connection with cooperation with carefully selected partners provides the company with optimal efficiency and permanent control over the quality of production.