Level Artist | Warszawa

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Perfect candidate?

We are looking for passionate Level Artist, capable of creating visually amazing, optimized levels and assets as well as whole scene composition inside the Unreal Engine 4. Full time job, contract or invoice. 

What wiill you be doing?

Working together with design division and programmers to create whole scenes/levels/environments of highest quality. We are looking for ambitious person, who'd join dedicated team working on international VR title and will take care of visual aspects of the game. Searching for someone who's equally good, experienced and ambitious as rest of the team working on the project.

What we are looking for?

Experience with the use of optimal techniques for level creation under Unreal Engine specification. Being familiar with with all of the level creation aspects. That's including modelling, texturing assets, layout/block out, set dressing, lightning, optimization, LOD's and everything in between =)

What we offer?

We are working with cutting edge tech in a cool atmosphere. We offer flexible working hours, nice office location in Warsaw city center and a chance to work with experienced industry vets =) Salary based on experience and knowledge.